Monday, 3 August 2015

The Gunners Open Mic

This evening's Gunners night in Finsbury Park was an intimate affair with about 8 acts and 5 audience members all with the headliner.

After a first half of oddities, plus the always weirdly brilliant Dangerous T, the second half had some great tens with headline northerner Zara putting in a conversationally mirthful set. I did three tracks, including the debut performance of "too loud", and it went really well. What there was of a crowd joined in with the choruses of "one shot" with gusto. Win! And the promoter bought everyone a drink. Double win!

If you're a performer and reading this then look up this night. It's got so much promise and all it needs are a few more bodies in the room.

Photo shows Dangerous T in action. The table's response (the only table of audience) isn't actually fair. He had us all laughing at some point.