Monday, 21 September 2015

The Gunners

A number of familiar faces were at The Gunners last night. As usual, actual audience was thin on the ground but once some tech issues were sorted we strapped in for a night of Monday mirth.

With almost twenty minutes of stage time, Dangerous T ran through a greatest hits package and Jimbo pondered what a "known unknown" was for a similar length. My set went down well and later spots by Chris Joyce and Aaran Misaros were both witty and enjoyable. Despite only taking a modest six or so minutes stage time it was Rosie Holt (pictured) who made the night though. Ukulele comedy at its best and a genuinely funny person off stage as well as on.

Tonight also featured three dogs wandering around. One of which joined an act on stage for a while. You don't get that at The Comedy Cafe!

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