Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Bear Jokes

After a busy day at work Bear Jokes was just the thing to kick back and relax to - and being MC and promoter this may sound particularly unusual. The fact is that I'm very happy with my little night. Despite the ups and downs of turnout (it started quiet but grew throughout) everyone always seems to have a really good time and there's some genuinely funny stuff going on at the microphone.

As is my responsibility, I opened to the night to a room of acts and few others but the response was good and it was nice to get back into performing after well over a week off cause by the dreaded but predictable first term cold. I'm not going to critique the acts one by one as that would be, quite frankly, dull and who am I to throw my opinion around the net anyway. Still, special mention to the man pictured - Jay Cowle - who topped the night with a strong off the cuff opening part and then delved into the big dark box marked "new material". Some of it didn't work, most of it did. Well worth watching!

Clash of the Tight Tens on Saturday.

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