Monday, 12 October 2015

Clash of the Tight Tens

After a slightly quieter Clash of the Tight Tens last month I was justifiably nervous about this night and looking for a convincing bounce-back. Thankfully, due to a deft combination of MeetUp socialites, Time Out readers and fans of the acts the room was pretty much full as the room lights went down and the stage lights came up.

Andy Onions was on top form as MC once again and pulled back from the shouting long enough to chat to the audience and get a convivial atmosphere in place before the acts came on.

Every act did well and it would be impossible to highlight some acts in contrast to others so it's a standing ovation for Sophie Henderson, Cassandra Mary Canary, Matt Duwell, Roxy Bourdillon, Sam Mitchell, JB Carter, Lucas Jolson, William Lee, Chris Adams and - erm - myself! 

It was also the little things that made the night work so well. Gone was the manky mic stand of the previous shows and in its place one that didn't wobble. The stage backdrop was complete for the first time ever. Switching the venue's mic for my own also worked wonders for cutting down on breathing noises getting picked up and amplified. I have no idea how or why but I'm just glad it did. 

Work's been busy so I'm doing less gigs at the moment but there a few towards the end of the month and in November so I'm taking the time to finish writing some new ones and will then strike out when they're ready.

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