Sunday, 25 October 2015

Stand Up About Life

Having been out every night this week thanks to a mixture of comedy gigs, dinners and trips awayI had expected to spend this evening with the cat mixing my forthcoming album (yes, really) and watching bad television.

This failed to materialise though as Rosana Bosanac texted me to ask if I fancied ten minutes at her night hosted at The Haggerston in Dalston tonight. With the demise of The Comedian's Club in Leytonstone, Sunday nights are pretty thinly accommodated by new act shows so I was more than happy to accept.

The Haggerston is a cool pub. I've had more than a few drinks here before as it's little more than a stone's throw from where I work. What I didn't know was that is had a kooky little room upstairs where everything from comedy to film nights happen.

Things started unusually when it turned out that there could be no lead found for the microphone and there were just four acts on the bill - including Rosana on MC duties. Still, there were a number of people who'd be persuaded to come upstairs for the show (the photos isn't an accurate representation - there were about ten people in the room) so we made the night happen in the face of minor adversity.

I've never performed without a mic before but it was pretty liberating to be able to run all over the room waving both my hands about. I kept the backing track to a very moderate volume given I was projecting teacher-voice style and got a pretty good reaction for my troubles. 

As gigs go it was a pretty odd one but strangely good fun. 

And technically I headlined, rock n' roll!

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