Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Bear Jokes

With two last minute cancellations, a no-show and several acts arriving late the start of Bear Jokes tonight looked more than a little disasterous. The comedians were the only bodies in the room after three people had arrived five minutes before show time then legged it within two - presumably scared at being the only "real" people. 

Despite my best attempt at charm down in the pub they didn't return and I kicked off things with new track, "Crisis of Conscience", a song about worrying if giving up your tube seat for pregnant or old people may actually insult them if they are in fact just fat or old looking. This worked. The follow-up, newish song "Too Loud", didn't. This one needs work, binning or banishing to a b-side should such things exist.

Despite no audience at all for two acts the later performers faired better when real audience peaked at four and those in attendance swore blind they'd return in two weeks time. Here's hoping, the Hackney new act comedy scene is getting really cramped and competitive.

(Pictured: Currer Ball)

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