Monday, 19 October 2015

The Gunners

My first show in ages really couldn't have been stranger. After nearly an hour's delay due to technical issues the Gunners launched with a musical duo who played for too long and talked all over the other acts with their friends. 

As the night progressed we were presented with both the wonderful and the truly weird. A token drunk woman took it upon herself to heckle constantly - though even she was drowned out by the bedroom DJ who did 15 minutes of Firestarter-era Prodigy. 

By the time my much delayed set rolled round it was nearly eleven and the crowd was down to single figures. Phones went down quite well but the second track  went down more like a shit in a lift. Zara Brown picked things up after some Christian hip hop but it truly was all over by that point. 

Great to see this night finally picking up, at least in the early stages. Now let's just get some equipment that works. I could do without the bangs and pops during my set!

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