Thursday, 26 November 2015

Hilarity in Shoes

Hilarity in Shoes excels at packing in acts like no-one else can. Tonight I was part of a 17 act bill where I knew just 5 of the performers. Nathan Cassidy, LJ D'Funk, host Michael Hill and Declan Kennedy were just some of the highlights. Outside of them there were bizarre magic acts (above), women with flashing rave hair and a few 5 minute bombers who took it on the chin and enjoyed themselves regardless.

5th on in the first half was a pretty good spot and after initially announcing the wrong song to kick off with I launched into Phones and found myself bullying the audience into joining in by the end. The insistence seemingly pulled off though as people were much more vocal in Crisis of Conscience, admittedly laughing at punchlines about 3 seconds too late. The fast rapping clearly too fast to process and laugh at on time it seems,

That or they found the whole concept ridiculous and were generally just laughing in bewilderment. 

Either way, a victory.

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