Thursday, 3 December 2015

Bear Jokes / The Freedom Fridge

A double post for two gigs linked by the presence of myself and Andy Onions... and audiences in single figures. Christmas is here and people are clearly busy doing other things.

Bear Jokes had great acts and a small appreciative audience. My set was largely to other comedians but it did the job in kicking off proceedings. Craft Fair made a long due return and Crisis of Conscience acquired some self-conscious fist pumping from the "crowd".   Paul Browse's music set was amazing as always.

The Freedom Fridge is a great night and the line-up was fantastic. The numbers were low though. I was default headliner and so took to the stage to a room of other acts plus 2 non-performers. Halfway through One Shot the PA cut out and I was faced with a novel situation however. Given the intimate nature of the event I chose not an early exit but instead a bit of body percussion involving hitting your chest and clapping. The assembled were more than generous and joined in. I continued rapping. Jay Cowle started hitting a sofa to give more bass. It actually turned out quite well. 

So not exactly what I'd planned but an experience that will stay with me for some time.

Next gig next week.

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