Sunday, 20 December 2015

A Year in Comedy in Numbers

With my final gigs of the year now complete it seems like the right time review 2015 using the power of numbers. It goes without saying I owe a massive thanks to the performers, promoters, venue staff and countless other enablers who have ensured that this year has been a big one for both the events I've run and the appearances I've made elsewhere. 

10 min spots performed: 49
Equivalent stage time: 490 minutes (8 hours, 10 minutes)

Combined music streams on Soundcloud/Bandcamp: 455
Combined Youtube views: 191

Events hosted: 32
Event breakdown: Bear Jokes (24), Clash of the Tight Tens (4), From E8 to Edinburgh (4)

Number of times the PA has either been broken, conked out mid-set or been missing some essential like a mic lead: 4 (none at my shows!)

Number of songs performed by angry little men about how I am destroying the open mic scene: 1 (add 124 Youtube views to the previous total if you count it as a tribute)

As for 2016, the future looks bright with Clash of the Tight-Tens coming back in Feb, a revamped new-format Bear Jokes appearing the same month and Famous First Words returning from the wilderness in its new Finsbury Park home from Jan. As for Leyton's Premier Rapper of First World Problems - a complete album with a lead single is the current plan.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year people!

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