Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Instant Laughs

Tonight I decided to go out on a limb and visit Marvin McCarthy's night in Hammersmith to watch and perhaps grab a slot. I'd seen photos of busy rooms and after a brisk walk in the rain from Shepherds Bush it didn't disappoint. How many rooms on a wet Wednesday can get 30+ real audience in at any time -  nevermind sandwiched between Christmas and New Year?

With an early start we were into the comedy by 7.15 and Marvin had been generous enough to give me third from top - right before the brilliant Rick Kiesewetter (pictured). Great from an ego point of view. Less great in that I had to avoid beer for most of the night lest it dent my performance.

The acts were a mix of pure gold and willing newbies. I took the stage after the host's rather surreal five minutes and plugged my phone into the somewhat down at heel wedge amp that was playing the part of the PA. The audience, however, were stars and joined in where they were supposed to despite the low volume trickling out the grill.

A great night all round which just needs me to bring my amp next time and a spotlight to be installed to make it complete.

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