Sunday, 13 December 2015

Cafe Mode

Having given myself the week off to prepare for my four gigs in five days challenge I was looking forward to kicking off with this one. 

Ctrl Alt Comedy at Cafe Mode in Covent Garden is somewhat unique as a tiny club under a restaurant that uses it as part of its Wowcher meal deal. Consequently the room is always busy, even if it's often full of the most unusual mishmash of bargain hunters and tourists who come expecting to see Live at the Apollo.

I played safe with two tried and tested tracks. Unlike last time I was here the PA worked. Unfortunately whilst this meant the music was loud enough it was a struggle to get the mic to a level where it didn't constantly feed back. By the second track I'd ditched the mic entirely and went into projecting teacher voice.

The crowd response was mixed. A row of girls who could easily pass for Little Mix embraced the participation with enthusiasm. The drunk retired couple to their left just looked confused. Overall it wasn't a terrible gig by any stretch of the imagination and the other acts were solid. However, next time I return I'll use my new Roland amp for the backing track and circumvent the all too basic PA setup.

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