Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Famous First Words / Bear Jokes

A busy start to the week with the launch of Famous First Words at The Gunners and the first Bear Jokes of the year the following day.

FFW had its full 15 prebooks filled and a few walk ups making it a very successful launch given the time of year. I did a track but as part of the promotional team my head was more in that sphere. Some acts were great, others showed promise even if the full package wasn't there. However, that's the whole point of open mic and it would be all the poorer without eccentrics and oddities.

After the show it was time for a group chat on Edinburgh with Andy Onions, Nick Purves and James Harris. We have a show, we have an application. Now we wait.

Tuesday night's Bear Jokes had some great sets and a willing audience. Chilling and Phones got an airing and the music act, Valerio Lysander (pictured), was astounding. Go find his tracks.

The confused looking older men left after a storming set about transsexual porn by Jake Pickford but you can't please everyone!

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