Monday, 30 May 2016

Ctrl Alt Comedy at The Railway Tavern

Thanks to bank holiday engineering works I made the 40 minute cycle to Crouch End to be greeted by Ctrl Alt's host and a small bunch of smiling performers in the back of a rather nice looking pub. Two older men sat at a table at the back and would be tonight's audience.

MC Tony Mcgee and his massive sign were set up in what can only be described as an equally enormous fireplace. He was welcoming and chatty. Given the numbers it was decided we'd be doing the whole show in an hour without a break.

Rosie Holt opened with a strong ten mixing old and new material. As can be seen from the photo, the venue lacked a mic stand so a human version was employed when the ukelele came out.

The fives that followed were on the whole charming and it was nice to see some new people as well as some rapidly becoming familiar faces. 

I closed the night with a ten featuring 'Shuffle and Stop' and 'West End' which went down well considering the numbers. Post show it was time for a beer before heading off on my marathon trek home.  

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