Friday, 3 June 2016

Clash of the Tight Tens at The Castle

Sometimes you finish a night thinking a little be "eh?"

The bill was phenomenal. I mean, seriously good. Sandra Hale and Dimitri Bakanov have smashed Tight-Tens on previous nights and people have signed up to the mailing list specifically so they can see them again. The signs for a good night were further enhanced when Gatis Kandis (pictured) appeared on Britain's Got More Talent less than a month ago and the ITV2 footage purely about him that came out of it hit 3,000,000 views a few days ago. Add to that likes of David McIver and MC Sasha Ellen and the room should have been packed.

Instead the room was tepid. The MeetUp group, which has brought anything up to 30 people in recent shows, provided 2. A smattering of Gatis fans made up the rest of the "real" audience plus a good friend of mine. My heart sinks when things like this happen. The world is not a just place.

Still, in a true sign of professionalism everyone did their utmost to play to the crowd that was there and there were some seriously funny moments. David McIver took his trousers off and it looked like it all might go a big Naked Poet for a minute but despite the encouragement by the front row he left in his pants. James Harris, Jonny Gillam and Matt Duwell all did well in their own unique ways and Rebekka Turner opened with some impressively weird stuff. As for me, 'Shuffle and Stop' did pull everyone on board so it was good to see it works in pretty much any room.

Damn you summer and your gig-depleting ways!

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