Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Famous First Words at The Gunners

The second Monday of the month meant it was my turn to take the MC mic at Famous First Words and pilot the small but appreciative audience through the newbies and old hands that had come to test their latest five minutes.

With three very different music acts on the bill alongside the comedy the focus was very much on variety. Paul Browse deftly handled instrumentals and vocal songs with expertise whilst nerdish punk rock ruled midway through and The Shattered June crooned towards the finishing line.

The comedy was, on the whole, tight, funny and enthusiastic. Ben Clover and Sheraz Yousaf (pictured) going down particularly well. I ended the first half with "Clicking Like" where, for the first time, people caught every parody riddled lyric as intended. At some point I'll remember every single word but, it seems, not quite yet.

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