Sunday, 10 July 2016

Mirthquake at Brixton Veg Bar

Three weeks ago we decided we needed to do a south London preview. This nearly coincided with word coming to me that the Veg Bar were looking for events. Deciding to make a bit of a day of it, I recruited three other preview shows (Jonny Gillam pictured) and organised an afternoon of work-in-progress in a dark, yet somehow appealing, basement.

The crowd wasn't huge but then, given the timeframe, this wasn't Edinburgh at The Castle Pt 2. We had about 12 in and that was plenty for our needs.

Today Mirthquake felt tight, pretty much ready for the festival in fact. People laughed in the right places and even with small numbers I had enough joining in to make it work. One girl in particular seemed to be in hysterics throughout. "The dot" (mentioned previously) works in both directions it turns out and I kept panning back to this motivational beam of light.

Come 6.40 I'd eaten a vegan hotdog, drunk an organic beer and watched Ian Lane impersonate very specific contents of a microwave. A good day all in all.

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