Sunday, 10 July 2016

Monkey Business at Camden Holiday Inn

After a week off to focus on work and life in general I returned to the hotel basement of mystery for the early show of Monkey Business. There were some tables and chairs to set up as the audience started wandering in and the sellotaped mic from the week before was back for an encore. Anywhere else I'd find this surprising but I'm now used to promoter Martin Besserman's unintended sense of anarchy. Ultimately it works which is a glorious thing.

The audience was made up largely of families with teenage children, which added a novel edge. There were musical parodies on art history, Russian stand-up, physical theatre involving a banana, some high energy shouty stuff and me. 

It was a good mix and my three tracks seemed to do well. Selfie Stick had a mum on the front table grinning but their offspring less so. I guess it's rare to be taken somewhere comparatively edgy only to have a self confessed teacher on stage side with your parents and rip the piss out of your photo habits...

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