Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Edinburgh: Day 11

Tuesdays can be tough but there was much to celebrate about today. Tight Tens ran smoothly despite two acts failing to show up for their spots. A quick run around the venue unearthed Lizanne Frizma and Lucas Jolson in the bar and the show went on with superb sets from both. Simon Caine topped things off nicely after some ultra-dark material from Dimitri Bakanov with an awkward twist once he realised there was a twelve year old in the audience. He recovered well though and my own tracks kept everything running smoothly.

First World Problems had just ten people in but it was a great show with enthusiasm coming from all of them. Jay Cowle and Andy Onions came along to support and even brought a reviewer in tow. Come the end of the hour one man was dancing in his wheelchair and we got our first five star review.

After that we dashed across to The Hanover Tap to do a couple of tracks at the 101 Comedy Club to a full room. It went well and sixty or so flyers were duly handed out afterwards. All that was left was to eat Pad Thai at the neighbouring restaurant and head home ready Wednesday's full day off.

Clash of the Tight Tens: Citizens / Donations: 28 / £50.55
Andy Quirk's Got First World Problems: Crew Members / Donations: 10 / £25

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