Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Edinburgh: Day 10

Mondays are supposed to be quiet days. Not on the evidence of today though with both shows doing very well. 

Tight Tens was solidly attended with a generous bucket-take and some superb acts. The variety on show everyday impresses even a cynic like myself. The fact I now flyer for just 20 minutes for this one suggests word of mouth is allowing this to grow and grow. Being in the official guide also helps of course.

If Tight Tens did well then First World Problems was a revelation. Every seat taken. Every seat still taken by the end. Everyone had a good time, four people in the second row in constant fits of laughter. We acquired ourselves a twelve year old cheerleader for "Pass the Box" and I sympathised with one man's pain of buying a shed and still having failed to build it eleven months later. At the end the bucket had outperformed the variety show by a significant margin, I'd posed for photos and another parent had called it the best thing they'd seen at the fringe. Roll on Tuesday!

Clash of the Tight Tens: Citizens / Donations: 33 / £72
Andy Quirk's Got First World Problems: Crew Members / Donations: 30 / £83.29

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