Sunday, 13 August 2017

Edinburgh: Day 9

Sometimes the unexpected happens. Not in the case of Clash of the Tight Tens though - again it was packed out and again the acts were superb.

No, it's all in the stats today. By a Brexit-like wafer thin division my solo show actually made more bucket money than the compilation - even with 10 less people in it. Why? Not because of Tight Tens. That show was, as I said, totally solid. Matt Duwell's warmly received headlining set topped off a fantastic diversity of talent: John Pendal hitting on the men in checked shirts, Alex Kealy ruminating on his life choices and Sonia Aste bringing the Spanish vibes to the hot dark room.

As for my show - granted some international students left early because they didn't understand what was going on and some other people left to catch their train (wheeled luggage in tow, I'll count that as evidence) but otherwise the reception was so warm and so up for all the nonsense with the songs. One dad had brought his teenage son and his wife along on the strength of seeing my Youtube videos (finally I have justification for making those) and some cool twenty-somethings were dancing along to the tunes throughout. Highlights included some real Durst-like shouting in my nu-metal tribute, "Clicking Like" and low voices across the room for the eighties inspired closer, "West End". On exit, one man revealed himself to be a club promoter in Leeds - a trip up north is now in the making before the end of 2017 :o)

After that all that was left to do was trek home and enjoy a roast dinner. Once again, good times!

Clash of the Tight Tens: Citizens / Donations: 32 / £57.32
Andy Quirk's Got First World Problems: Crew Members / Donations: 22 / £58.35

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