Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Shows Confirmed for Edinburgh!

This week both Disco Divorce Party and Clash of the Tight Tens were confirmed for full runs in Edinburgh this summer thanks to Laughing Horse, the Free Fringe promoter we've worked with for three years now and have always had good times with.

As timings and venues go they couldn't really be much better. Tight Tens battled bravely in the face of a tonne of competition from other compilation shows in the same street at the same time last year. Turnout was the inevitable casualty and although numbers remained strong they didn't maintain the standing-room only peak of the previous year. As a result I decided to do something different and asked for The Newsroom. Out of the centre and on the new town side, on paper it doesn't sound as promising as something right in the thick of it. However, the footfall is immense in the early afternoon as the crowds walk into the city and, at 1.15pm, it should succeed in being the first stop for anyone looking to get a taste of what the fringe is about. It also has a stage four times the size of any other of similar size venues which should mean my improv and sketch groups will no longer have to huddle together like a permanent version of their promo photos. Bookings will begin in May.

Annie and Angela's Disco Divorce Party also lucked out with 9pm at 56 North confirmed. A tiny basement space just around the corner from the Counting House and under a bar that is permanently full in the evening, it's the ideal place for us to present a new show that bears only vague resemblance to the First World Problems hours that proceed it. Small and dark, we only need to add our disco ball to make it exactly the kind of club Angela Collins-Van Outen and Annie Sup would throw their gathering in. Rehearsals continue, and will probably continue right up until our first show. As musical comedies hosted in basements go this will be as epic as is possible with a stage the size of a postage stamp.

And why the photo of Lilo? She's the official third member of this production and will feature in the show in picture form. We did debate if it would be best to put her on the flyer as it's a scientific fact she'd get a much better response than anything else we could out on it - but for now we're keeping with the disco ball.

Anything Goes is this Thursday. 9 acts books. More welcome. Message me if you want a spot.

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