Monday, 9 March 2020

Anything Went!

It was another drizzly Thursday night as I made my way down to Isaac's for another night of open mic madness at Anything Goes. A busy week had made me tired but the thought of another full room of cheerful punters and performers buoyed up my spirits.

Which was unfortunately misplaced as it soon became clear we were going to a quiet one. Not one person and a dog quiet, no person and no dog quiet. The acts, just six this time after two dropping out with diary clashes and another self-isolating with suspected coronavirus, were on the sofas ready to go. I invoked the time honoured phrase for this situation.


So that's what we did. For those who don't know, a workshop is also know as a bunch of comics sitting in a room performing to each other and is useful in two ways. Firstly, after performing comics open themselves up to honest feedback from those watching them and therefore potentially improve their set. New ideas are floated, changes suggested, even style of delivery considered. 

Secondly, it reassures everyone that their attendance wasn't a complete waste of time.

And so it was that six comics (seven if you include me) performed to each other and talked long and hard about each other's material and delivery. Alternative pastry products to pies, how to make love to a drain cover and what actually constitutes a joke all got a look-in. Two hours later the mission was complete and our performer who'd travelled for over two hours from Newcastle actually felt she'd gained something from the experience.

Next month's show is on April 9th. If you'd like a spot message me. We might even have an audience.

Elsewhere this week work has continued on Disco Divorce Party. The second draft of the script is complete and probably only needs another twenty-seven rewrites. The radio head-mics arrived and appear to be pretty decent for £17.99 on Ebay. I may have finally settled on my appearance for the shows and have included one all important costume change. Give or take a global pandemic, this is definitely happening for a whole month in Edinburgh!

Oh, and Glossop Comedy Festival's lineup is complete and soon to be published. Just as soon as everyone wires me their registration fee. You know who you are...

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