Monday, 11 May 2020

What's in the Box?

As social shutdown continues and it looks like the chances of any kind of live entertainment is kicked squarely into Autumn at best, more and more comedians have been looking to flex their virtual arms and initiate the kind of online content projects originally sat halfway down the third page of their global domination to-do list.

One that is now plenty of episodes in is Friz Frizzle's, "What's in the Box", an improv-based gameshow featuring three comedians and the man himself in the driving seat. Last Friday, in the space of thirty minutes my fellow contestants and I had sold items from each other's boxes QVC-style, made dashes around our houses to find items that rhymed with other items in our boxes, played a list game and predicted which bands from 2007 are still releasing records. Despite some technical issues early on it went well and was thoroughly enjoyable - though if the same can be said as a viewer rather than a guest is of course up to you.

Another covid-prompted opportunity that came up last week was from West Didsbury Comedy Festival. Originally booked to perform at their new act competition, the lockdown threw the whole festival into doubt but since then some shows have taken place on the web and now the competition is back on next Monday evening at 9pm. If you fancy watching me ride my parody pony into battle the event can be found on Facebook.

Given that I've now finished watching the incredibly violent but utterly brilliant Gangs of London and the latest episode of Drag Race the rest of this week will mainly be spent writing songs, working out how to crowbar two tracks into five minutes for the comedy competition and collecting in more videos for the next Anything Goes Online Open Mic for May 21st. The current one is well worth a watch if you haven't already.

That's probably enough for now. I've just remembered there's the current episode of Killing Eve to watch.

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