Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Laughter in Lockdown and Fitness to Practice

Last Friday I popped Fitness to Practice, Angela Bra's second vlog/music video onto Youtube and crossed my fingers that the costume changes, battles with the green screen and DIY prop making had been worth it. Testament to my hardcore primary teacher skills, our front room was littered with sub-Blue Peter detritus - ranging from a pair of binoculars made from toilet roll tubes to carrier bags stuffed with carrier bags to resemble a very large takeaway order. I also had the First World Problems hat back in commission thanks to my brief appearance in the shoot as a tennis player.

The liberating thing about developing a character to carry the songs is that pretty much nothing is off the table. Angela can be whoever she wants to be. Would Andy Quirk perform aerobics in a lycra crop top and leggings? No. Would Angela? You just try and stop her raiding the fitness section of Primark. It's also nice to have a full head of hair in role as Southend's most eccentric singer/songwriter - the rather severe post-lockdown haircut I had recently has given my scalp somewhat of an airing.

So does the world like Fitness to Practice? Yes, if somewhat more cautiously than Nuclear Cooking Cave. As I type it's had 97 views (to the debut's current 230) - which is a slower start than I hoped for. However, it is reassurring to see six likes, a compliment on Angela's polka dot dress and no dislikes in the mix with it.

Also, my dad really likes it too, as he did the first one, which means a lot.

What do you mean you haven't watched it yet? Click the this or the picture and you'll witness the inevitable outcome of Boris's new fitness initiative for the nation.

Elsewhere, Anything Goes Online continues to impress with plenty of views and a really good mix of fresh newbies and old hands on the latest episode (if contributors who've now featured on the five episodes so far can be called as such.) This Thursday's looks to be superb too - featuring a whole array of different acts and one of the glossiest comedy music videos I've ever seen for a home production.

Click here or on the picture to view the playlist.

Live comedy is creeping back into the world in the coming weeks with nights spotted both in Manchester and Sheffield. I may well drop in on them simply to see how their pint-sized venues are handling the social distancing aspect with a view to getting something up and running again in Glossop after August. The online world may have its perks but you aren't doing comedy properly unless you're one of nine people watching hopefuls try out new jokes for free on a Sunday night!

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