Sunday, 19 July 2020

Please Like

Approximately three years after anyone else watched it, I completed both series of Pls Like on iPlayer. A spoof documentary following a comparatively ancient thirty year old's investigations into the vacuous youth-driven vlog movement it ticked plenty of funny boxes and even featured a guest appearance by the very funny Yuriko Kotani towards the end of series one. If you haven't seen it and find the tick tocking insta-world a confusing combustion of the self aggrandising and truly deluded then you probably should.

Speaking of which, Angela is performing moderately well across her social platforms following the release of epis
ode one of her Youtube mini-series, "At Home With Angela" - featuring a vloggy get-to-know-you and the music video for her latest stab at stardom, My Nuclear Cooking Cave. 8 likes, 2 dislikes and just shy of 200 views is more than many of my previous uploads and the Facebook page has started with a promising 77 likes.

The Instagram, however, needs work as she's got just 15 followers - down from 17 earlier this week as, I suspect, two of them were fake accounts. She uploaded a video there earlier today to give a "behind the scenes" preview of her next vlog and music track so it would be nice if more people saw it. If you select "nametag" on your insta account and wave your phone over the image here it should automatically subscribe you. The next song, Fitness To Practice, will be online next Friday.

Elsewhere on the web, Anything Goes Online returned on Thursday with a very solid show of comedy from across the UK. Performers like Jack Kelly, Marty Gleeson, Neal Craig and Tom Short are putting new content on every time to create their own online series. If you haven't tuned in yet you really should.

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