Sunday, 29 November 2020

Quiz Nights and Christmas Cheer

With confirmation we were going to be stuck in Tier 3 for the foreseeable future, it was back to the internet for all things comedy this week. Who needs actual social contact when you've got a green screen and Streamyard? Well, everyone as it turns out but this runs a close second.

The first stop was making the video for Angela's Christmas parody tribute to Mariah Carey and nights out in the pub, 'All I Want For Christmas Is Spoons.' Featuring a Santa hat, an early Black Friday deal from Boohoo and thirteen vocal takes until something reasonable came out, this parody was initially inspired by Anna reading the distressed tweets of Glossopians mourning the continued closure of our local cheap drink chain pub. A few shares on the local Facebook groups and it topped 300 views in 24 hours. Where it goes from here remains to be seen but you can watch it here.

Saturday night was Bonkers Quiz Night and Annie Sup (say it quickly and you should get east end vibes round 'the old Joanna') joined Angela Bra for the full show. The guests were chatty and the atmosphere very lively as we clattered from one round into the next. At 90 minutes we gave triple gameshow value but every minute was well worth it. Angela has learned, however, that long false nails and trying to operate a laptop do not mix well. Feedback has been great and there's another show planned for Dec 12th, followed by the Boxing Day special on the 26th. Big thanks to Kitty Cassis, Donna Landy and Andy Onions for being our very special guests. The full stream can be watched again here.

This week Annie and Angela are working on the final draft of their 2021 festival show (cross fingers for the vaccine) and a potential second show spinoff. Annie is also writing her first quiz round, giving Angela the time to take pointless selfies and build on her Instagram following of 50.

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