Friday, 25 August 2017

Edinburgh: Day 20

Week three of the fringe is easily the least busy of the run and a grey Thursday did its best to confirm this. Though Tight Tens consisted of just four couples watching four acts the vibe was surprisingly good and it was an enjoyable, if quiet, event. My £26 Peavy microphone (including 6m cable) did a surprisingly good job in the place of my confirmed-dead SM58 copy and the new lightbulbs in my new lamps lifted the gloom pleasantly.

First World Problems had similar numbers but the vibe was significantly less positive. If we'd performed to seven planks of wood we would have had more response. Missed punchline followed missed punchline, conversations that just got muddled peppered the in between song parts and when it was all over I wondered why they'd even stayed. Not great, but compared to pulling a show or seeing people walk out this was still preferable. With only two days to go, if this is the worst one then we've done really well.

Anna and I then went to watch The Gang of Names in the thoroughly remote venue that is Daylight Robbery. Surreal humour taking in a bizarre Chesney Hawks sketch, a quiz where you had to identify if names belonged to a beer or a horse, guess the year of the darts player's death and a farting ghost finale - it was just what was needed to perk us up before food at a nearby French restaurant where one of the waiting staff recognised me from my spots last year at The Hanover Tap opposite.

Clash of the Tight Tens: Citizens / Donations: 8 / £16
Andy Quirk's Got First World Problems: Crew Members / Donations: 7 / £11.70

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