Sunday, 15 March 2020

Fresh Leeds

It was the proverbial dark and stormy night as I hopped in the Micra and buzzed across the Peak District to Leeds for a new material night at Santiago's in the middle of town. Braced for the no-show coronavirus apocalypse I was reassured to find the upstairs performance area populated by an audience of decent double figures.

One act appeared to be responsible for half the attendees and she roused them with enthusiasm to give it all they had to each and every individual who stepped up.

Third on and tuned up in the nick of time I observed the fancy chandelier and not-so-fancy lone illuminated bulb on it, made a joke at London's expense and launched into "I Will Eat Pies". Audience suitably broken in I continued with "Stuck in the Lidl with You" and "Ex on Fire" to decent laughs and a challenging job thrown at me for the final song's twist.

All the remained was to sit back and watch an anarchic second-half Edinburgh preview involving a range of audience games and a surreal soap opera which replaced all the dialogue with the word "lads". Preview complete we split the bucket and I had nearly enough to pay for my car parking.

In summary a brilliant venue, excellent people (both acts and audience) and some truly crazed wall art (see photo). Recommended.

In Disco Divorce Party news, our headset radio mics and packs arrived and for the grand sum of £25 are actually pretty decent. This should free up our hands during performances, though we'll need to be mindful that they're on at all times to avoid "doing a Boris" off stage. I'm also in the final stretch of coding our own promotional video game to accompany the show. So even if we're all confined to quarters for the next year you'll still be able to welcome Annie and Angela into your home!

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