Thursday, 18 June 2020

Anything Goes Online Open Mic, June 18th

Many things in life at the moment aren't predictable. But as sure as a
nything, every second Thursday the latest installment of Anything Goes hits Youtube. Starting out as a bit of an experiment with a handful of clips mainly drawn from live recordings at previous shows it has since grown into its own little community featuring an ever-growing cast of comedians, on the whole, creating content for the lockdown era with little regard to delivering it in the confines of a ten spot at the Dog & Donkey Bum on a weekday night.

Things are getting ever more experimental in this episode with green screens, multi-track recording, DJ mashups, subverted TV footage, travelogues and Death itself putting in an appearance. Plus me as Gwen-Stefani-if-she'd-become-a-news-anchor-for-Fox of course.

Give it a whirl, give the acts you love some likes and shares and share the playlist far and wide. The ever-so catchy link is below, though you could always divert people to here ( instead to follow the trail.

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