Friday, 10 July 2020

Fringe Shows and Anything Goes

The Buxton Fringe launched at the start of July with over a hundred shows appearing either virtually or to very small audiences of six. A challenging but much appreciated effort by the organisers to provide something in these challenging times. With Disco Divorce Party on ice until 2021 I submitted 'Parodies from the Peak District' as an online video music show complete with green screen, costumes and lyric subtitles.

The response so far has been amazing with over a hundred people viewing the show, a solidly great review from the fringe team and with currently with the most comments (all positive I may add) of any show at Buxton on the website. The program of events can be found here - I'm first in the comedy section.

Parodies gets its own live performance at 8pm on Saturday 29th August through Zoom with Laughing Horse - the team who run The Free Festival at Edinburgh Fringe. Consequently I've invested in a better microphone for such things and experimented with the feed to check I can be heard. Some green screen backdrops would have been nice but they appear to beyond the reach of my somewhat antiquated laptop. Still, you'll get a nice view of the lounge. More info on the show, and all the others happening throughout August here.

Elsewhere on the web, Anything Goes Online continues to bring together fresh new lockdown comedy from across the country with a number of regulars creating their own mini-series whilst others chuck 20 second moments of inspiration into the mix. Well worth a watch and it's free and here.

Once summer's over it'll be back in the lab with Disco Divorce Party but complementing this is my new Youtube series following my own character - singer/songwriter social media sensation (and primary school music teacher) Angela Bra (pronouced like candalabra and just as classy.) The first episode/song will land on Monday but in the meantime you can have a look at the website if you're so inclined.

This will be the last time I refer to her in the third person so should she be posting in the future expect it direct from my sister's mouth - an approach that respects the genre and builds depth but does have the potential to make me look like I've developed a multiple personality disorder...

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