Sunday, 14 June 2020

Double Trouble in the Youtube Bubble

It was a parody video party this weekend with not one but two new videos uploaded to Youtube, plus the full Parodies From The Peak District fringe show for 2020 got its first airing at the Hastings Online Comedy Festival.

The first video came about following a Facebook post about Donald Trump's 74th birthday being on Sunday 14th June. I'd been meaning to address some of his near-beyond-parody actions of late but was well aware of the number of Trump-related videos already out there. His birthday provided this opportunity.

I haven't said much about the Black Lives Matter movement online but needless to say that, having taught in inner London for most of my teaching career, I have always been invested in the advancement of the lives of children of all backgrounds. The current situation being particularly pertinent given one ex pupil of mine later died in a horrific incident with police.

I don't do marches and I don't think my hashtag really helps anyone so instead I took No Doubt's 90's mega-hit 'Don't Speak' and reworded it to take him to task on some of the ugliest things he's done recently and in the past. Using primary school children's coding program of choice, Scratch, I created an animated Trump band to back my Garageband and iMovie powered creation.

Then for good measure I decided to use this video to introduce my drag in development alter-ego to the world. The styling was loosely based on Gwen Stefani but observations have been made that I look more like the anchor on an American news channel. Still, given Trump's open disregard for the rights of those who don't fit his ultra conservative views it should only add oil to the fire of potential grim right wing reaction regardless of who I resemble. Which I think is a good thing.

Anyway, I'm very proud of it musically, technically and personally so click here or on the pic to see it in action.

Speaking of the grim right wing, my second track addressed the remnants of the far right who massed in London on Saturday to piss on the statues they claimed to be there to protect. Having assumed both the EDL and Britain First had died an infighting death years ago it was a surprise to see these thugs on tour again looking for nothing more than to get drunk and shout at the police.

Unlike the first video, this one was short and sharp and, by my own admission, no great work of art. As a result, from sound recording to video to release the whole project took less than ninety minutes.

It is no surprise to me that the second one quickly overtook the Trump video in terms of views. Having an awareness of what people are talking about right now is worth a lot more than a snazzy video or well honed wordplay when it comes to the internet. Here's a joke, it's one minute long, enjoy!

So for those of you who like to mix The Wannadie's "You And Me Song" with alcohol fuelled ultra-nationalism click the pic or click this.

Last but not least, thanks to Hastings Comedy Festival for adding Parodies from the Peak District to their festival at the last minute. I hope those who saw it enjoyed it. I'll be adding a direct link to my site in July when it joins various other bills across the country.

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