Tuesday, 14 July 2020

At Home With Angela and her Nuclear Cooking Cave

For one post only I have reluctantly agreed to hand over this blog to my wayward sister from Southend to talk about her new vlog, 'At Home With Angela', and its embedded promo video for her debut single, 'My Nuclear Cooking Cave'. She's a tad eccentric, some might say delusional, but she's a good egg.

Oh. My. Gosh! It's sooo nice to be able to write and thank you all, my fans, for your support on my newly relaunched Vlog. I had a bet with Pinot and Grigio that I'd make the virtually viral view target of one hundred in a day and I smashed it with a storming eleven to spare! Typically they didn't have anything much to say. They seemed more interested in licking themselves and clawing the carpet but I know they're totally impressed.

I've been asked by at least one viewer how long it took to make the video and I have to admit it was quite the challenge to make such an epic masterpiece. Not least because my green screen was so small I couldn't raise my arms above my head and the camera kept running out of battery. My collection of household angle-poise lamps did a great job though and gave me the healthy orange glow I know we all secretly strive for.

I'm lining up interviews as I type having tagged a whole host of celebrities through Andy's Twitter. I don't have one myself as his is just full of worked-up people talking about politics and totally egocentric non-celebrities trying to promote their videos. Who really needs that?

As a social media star though I do have plenty of the others though. There's my Instagram for people with limited reading ability, my Facebook for old people, Youtube for my videos and a website for...well, I don't know who really but you have to have one don't you if you want to be taken seriously as an artist.

Subscribe to all of them as soon as you've finished reading this. My Instagram is currently very exclusive and intimate and won't just be full of pictures of me as - being a singer, songwriter and storyteller who observes the world - they'll be pictures of the world as I see it too. And cats. Lots of cats.

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